Shop Carefully is a vintage clothing store that is based in Los Angeles, CA.


Shop Carefully sources vintage menswear and womenswear. We provide our customers with hand-selected vintage garments daily. Our team strives to source vintage clothing from various styles and eras of fashion while still delivering one consistent vision and brand image. We believe in the collaboration between different types of vintage to form mixed-style looks and outfits. For example, "True Vintage" and "Y2K" clothing represent two very different eras of fashion. In most cases, these types of clothing don't overlap. However, we encourage our customers to combine different styles and eras of vintage clothing.



Behind the Name "Shop Carefully:"

The name Shop Carefully is derived from the idea to slow down large corporate clothing brands that are hurting our environment and to give used clothing a second life. To Shop Carefully means to shop "in a way that deliberately avoids harm or errors; cautiously." We hope that our hand selected garments inspire more people to start shopping carefully and to avoid the harmful environmental impacts of the fast fashion industry.